Claas Lexion 6000 & 5000

claas lexion 6000 5000

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Claas Lexion 6000 & 5000

APS Synflow Walker is the new technology on the Claas Lexion 6000 and 5000 walker combines. The novel threshing system comprises a 450mm accelerator drum, a 755mm threshing drum with ten rasp bars and a 600mm separation drum mounted upstream of the impeller drum. Separation efficiency on the walkers has been improved by fitting the Jet-Stream system, a carry-over from the hybrid models. Grain tanks are available in 9,000 or 13,500-litre capacities, and unloading pipes come in seven different specifications with lengths of up to 12m and unloading rates of up to 130 litres per second.

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