Lindner Lintrac 130

lindner lintrac 130

Nominated in the category Compact tractor

Lindner Lintrac 130

Lindner has introduced a new addition to its infinitely variable tractor line-up. Powered by a 136hp Stage V Perkins Synchro engine with 3.6-litre displacement and 550Nm torque, the Lintrac 130 is the highest-horsepower tractor from the Austrian manufacturer. It is also the CVT successor to the Geotrac 4 series, the attachments of which are equally suited for use on the 130. The stepless TMT11-ZF gearbox was evolved: this offers standard standstill control and the High Traction mode for increased drawbar power of up to 78kN. The rear linkage hefts more than 5 tonnes. Options for the Lintrac 130 include four-wheel steering, suspended front axle and 50km/h.

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