Argo Tractors McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive

argo tractors mccormick x7 624 vt drive

Nominated in the category Upper class tractor

Argo Tractors McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive

The McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive offers Stage V engineering and a restyled roof with twelve LED work lights. Emissions are treated by a diesel oxidation catalyst and an SCR system. The engine in the flagship develops 240hp from six cylinders. This combines with the four-speed continuously variable VT-Drive transmission with oil immersed clutches to give excellent agility and very convenient operation. The innovative technology of the VT-Drive transmission offers four speed ranges from 0.04km/h to 50km/h for boosted productivity in every application. The tractor is operated from the VT Easy Pilot joystick which offers five customisable ‘My Function’ keys. The X7.6 VT-Drive has closed-centre hydraulics (160l/min) with up to eight electro-hydraulic spools.

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