Ploeger CM4240

ploeger cm4240

Nominated in the category Haying

Ploeger CM4240

Ploeger launches the first self-propelled swather. Not only is the CM 4240 an SP machine, but it also uses swathing belt technology from Austrian developer Reiter. Each of the two units swathes 5 metres of work to the right or left or, working in combination, the two lay an 80-150cm central swath. The material is gathered by a 33cm camless pick-up with trailing tines. A second pick-up then places the material on the swathing belt which feeds it to the middle or to the side. The self-propelled swather has a 260hp engine and hydrostatic four-wheel drive. Also, all components are driven hydraulically. Maximum work speed is 25km/h.

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