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Machine of the Year 2020 - Audience Choice Award

The Machine of the Year has been a coveted award in the agricultural machinery industry since 1997. It is conferred every two years during Agritechnica in Hanover by a panel of judges, chief among whom are the journalists of Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH.

They are joined by agri-tech editors of the trade journals traction, agrarheute, Agrartechnik, Land & Forst and Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt as well as colleagues from publications outside Germany. These select the best innovations in the agricultural machinery market from 15 categories ranging from tractors and combine harvesters to forage harvesters and drills.

In the 16th categorie, the Audience Choice Award, you could vote the winner and you gave the Fendt 900 Vario the most votes.

Congratulations to Fendt on winning the Machine of the Year 2020 Audience Choice Award for the 900 Vario!

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Contest Ended
Nominated in the category sowing and planting

Amazone Precea

Amazone introduces their new Precea precision drill. At the heart of the machine is the new seed singling system which combines features from the EC and EDX models. Each pneumatic singling unit can be driven by a separate electric drive as an option. This allows the operator to set the seed rate and control fertiliser placement from the terminal. The Double Shoot system puts the seeds and granules to bed using two different coulters. Variable seed rates can also be entered via application maps. Precea drills at rates of up to 15km/h. Read more
Nominated in the category plant protection

Amazone UX 11201

Launching its UX 11201 Super, Amazone introduces new technology to the high-capacity tandem sprayer segment. The machine’s electronic system offers ContourControl for active boom control and SwingStop for active shock absorption. The Super-L2 booms are available in widths from 24m to 40m, and the new Super-L3 boom is 36m wide. The software and a specially designed 7-way valve make operating the 11,200-litre sprayer easier than before. Read more
Nominated in the category Upper class tractor

Argo Tractors McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive

The McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive offers Stage V engineering and a restyled roof with twelve LED work lights. Emissions are treated by a diesel oxidation catalyst and an SCR system. The engine in the flagship develops 240hp from six cylinders. This combines with the four-speed continuously variable VT-Drive transmission with oil immersed clutches to give excellent agility and very convenient operation. The innovative technology of the VT-Drive transmission offers four speed ranges from 0.04km/h to 50km/h for boosted productivity in every application. The tractor is operated from the VT Easy Pilot joystick which offers five customisable ‘My Function’ keys. The X7.6 VT-Drive has closed-centre hydraulics (160l/min) with up to eight electro-hydraulic spools. Read more
Nominated in the category High horsepower tractor

Case IH Magnum AFS Connect

With more than 150,000 Magnum tractors having rolled off the assembly lines over the past thirty years or so, Case IH is now sending the seventh generation to Europe in the form of the Magnum AFS Connect. Pumping out 435hp, the 400 flagship is the only machine that features the new PowerDrive powershift transmission (21/5). The tractor also has Connect elements that provide seamless communication which, for example, allows office staff to send application maps to the tractor or – with explicit owner consent – allows service engineers to support the operator remotely. Read more
Nominated in the category eletronics

CCI A3 Joystick

The CCI A3 joystick for Isobus-compatible machines shows the current key functions on its integral display, which helps operators to cut out errors and come to terms with the machine quickly. They can also programme their favourite key assignments to the stick. Providing haptic and acoustic feedback whenever the operator presses a button, this control unit is the first of its kind on an agricultural machine. The joystick is supplied with three different keypads that are fitted magnetically, each offering a different number and layout of the buttons. Read more
Nominated in the category Forage harvester

Claas Jaguar 900

The 925hp Jaguar 990 marks the top end of the Claas forage harvester model range. Its engine power increases automatically when crop volumes increase. Forward speed also drops as necessary. Conversely, engine power is reduced in lower-volume crops. The machine is also available with Terra-Trac tracks. Up in the cab, the new Cebis-Touch operating system allows operators to program favourites and retrieve these by flicking a switch on the joystick. Read more
Nominated in the category Combine

Claas Lexion 6000 & 5000

APS Synflow Walker is the new technology on the Claas Lexion 6000 and 5000 walker combines. The novel threshing system comprises a 450mm accelerator drum, a 755mm threshing drum with ten rasp bars and a 600mm separation drum mounted upstream of the impeller drum. Separation efficiency on the walkers has been improved by fitting the Jet-Stream system, a carry-over from the hybrid models. Grain tanks are available in 9,000 or 13,500-litre capacities, and unloading pipes come in seven different specifications with lengths of up to 12m and unloading rates of up to 130 litres per second. Read more
Nominated in the category Combine

Claas Lexion 8000 & 7000

Powered by engines generating up to 790hp, the 7000 and 8000 series Lexion models from Claas push beyond the boundaries into a new output dimension. Currently the world’s most powerful combine, the Lexion 8900 is a hybrid that relies on a tangential threshing system complete with impeller drum and axial separation system. A 755mm threshing drum with 10 rasp bars is followed by a new and larger feeding drum that passes the crop flow to the 600mm-diameter separation rotors. Grain tank emptying rates are 180l/s as standard from a 13,500-18,000-litre tank.The new cab design offers more room and improved noise damping. Read more
Nominated in the category electronic

Claas, John Deere, 365 FarmNet - DataConnect

Claas, 365FarmNet and John Deere introduce DataConnect – a universal and open Cloud-to-Cloud solution that is accessible to all farmers who can now use this interface to communicate machine data for any of the three makes while still using the individual website portal of John Deere Operations Center, Claas Telematics or 365FarmNet. But using DataConnect, they can now transmit machine data in real time to the other Cloud. Future plans also envision the transmission of agronomic data. Read more
Nominated in the category electronic

DKE agrirouter

The web-based data exchange platform agrirouter enables data exchange between machines and agricultural software from different manufacturers and providers. Until now, this was not possible for users with mixed machine fleets. Participants can communicate with the system via a direct connection or via the respective manufacturer cloud. DKE-Data as provider of the agrirouter is now connected to more than 120 software and hardware providers. Read more
Nominated in the category Haying

Fella Ramos FQ

Ramos FQ from Fella is a front mower that offers 3D contouring. The pull-type headstock has been redesigned to incorporate various pulling and controlling arms and cylinders with ball sockets to provide overlaying contouring both across and lengthwise. The vertical ground clearance is 75cm. The cutterbar has hydro-pneumatic suspension and it is mounted onto lower links without the use of an A‑frame. Also, the 3.10m or 3.60m wide front mowers let the operator shift the mower 20cm to the left or right to avoid striping in curves. Read more
Nominated in the category Compact tractor

Fendt 314 Vario

The recent addition to the Fendt 300 Vario series is the new flagship Fendt 314 Vario with the novel DynamicPerformance (DP) feature which detects automatically any extra power demands from specific components and then frees 10hp to provide that extra power irrespective of the current forward speed and application. This applies also to stationary pto work such as operating the diet mixer or slurry agitator. The 314 Vario now receives also  the 12" terminal with FendtOne operating concept and also a new armrest and joystick. Read more
Nominated in the category Upper class tractor

Fendt 700 Vario

The Fendt 700 Vario tractors have been the long-term bestsellers in the Fendt product range and are now the first to incorporate the FendtONE operating system which merges existing terminal-based tractor operation with a planning and monitoring platform that brings the traditional office jobs to the tractor cab. Both worlds are now incorporated into one terminal that offer an integral and coherent interface. Another novelty is the armrest with the joystick plus an extra ‘3l’ joystick for front loader work and simultaneous control of all three services. Read more
Nominated in the category High horsepower tractor

Fendt 900 Vario

The Fendt 942 Vario is the top model of the company’s new 900 series and its first to exceed the 400hp horsepower mark. All models in the range are powered by a 9-litre MAN engine, an exclusive development for Fendt. Boasting a low-rpm concept, this engine attains its 60km/h maximum speed at a fuel-saving 1,450rpm, whilst at 40km/h, it revs at a low 950rpm. Torque maxes at 1,970Nm at 1,100rpm on the flagship. Read more
Nominated in the category Haying

Fendt Slicer FQ

The Fendt Slicer FQ solo front mower offers a sideshift feature that counters drift and losses in sloping fields by moving the machine +/- 20cm off the tractor line. The feature also eliminates striping in curves when combined with a rear mower. In addition, the front mower features pull-type 3D contour control which overrides movement both across and in direction of travel. The angle is corrected within a range of -6° to +15°, depending on whether the cutter bar is moving up or down. Read more
Nominated in the category Row crop harvesting

Grimme EVO 280

Grimme Roder EVO 280 is the first potato harvester on the market with the ability to set itself up automatically. Its stand-out features are the hopper holding 8 tonnes of potatoes and the telescopic axle. This extends the track width to 3.5 metres for increased stability in the field and reduces transport width to 3m for road travel. Depth control and all cleaning systems are set infinitely variably to match current conditions and are controlled via Isobus – now also automatic. The Speedtronic-Web feature controls the web speeds relative to the current forward speed and load, preventing blockages and easing operator strain. Read more
Nominated in the category plant protection

Horsch Leeb PT

Horsch launches the self-propelled Leeb 6.300 PT and 8.300 PT sprayers with 310hp Stage V engines. The models received a comprehensive overhaul with only the BoomControl system being left unchanged. Boom lengths are now up to 42 metres, and up to 42 sections are available. The new ComfortDrive chassis features a central frame and hydro pneumatic independent wheel suspension with active levelling control. Further updates improve cab visibility and space as well as the armrest. Read more
Nominated in the category mechanical plant protection

Horsch Transformer VF

The Transformer VF is the basis of the new Horsch product family of hoes. VF is short for VariableFrame which offers 6-12m working widths. The offsetting frame is integrated in the base machine, eliminating the traditional coupling frames. Underbeam clearance is 660mm and row spacings range from 25cm to 90cm. The Isobus-compatible machine can be specified with camera systems of many makes. Read more
Nominated in the category logistic

JCB Teletruk 30-19E

The battery-powered JCB Teletruk 30-19E offers a maximum lift capacity of 3000kg and 1900kg at 2m reach. The quiet, zero-emission forklift is the ideal machine for indoor jobs, but it is equally suitable for outdoor work, courtesy of its sealed and water-proof body that gives effective weather-proofing to the powertrain and major components. Read more
Nominated in the category Mid class tractor

John Deere 6M

The John Deere 6M tractors are replacing the series 6M, 6MC and 6RC models. The new 4-cylinder models benefit from a shorter 2.40m wheelbase and a 4.35m turning circle for better manoeuvrability. The full-frame tractors handle payloads of up to 4.7 tonnes and boast an updated cab with improved noise damping. All major controls reside on the right-hand panel which has now undergone a complete overhaul and is also available with electro-hydraulic spool controls. Read more
Nominated in the category Forage harvester

John Deere 8000

More operator comfort is promised by the new John Deere 8000 forage harvesters which now offer a full pivoting feature for the header when this is in work position. As the header is being raised, it is automatically aligned and fixed in level position for safe road transport. The 8000 series models also benefit from the features of the 9000 models, including the stronger frame, bigger bearings and an improved knife-sharpening system. Read more
Nominated in the category logistic

Joskin X-Trem2 slurry tanker

Joskin has updated its X-trem2 slurry tanker. The narrow section of the underfloor is reduced to an even more slender 760mm over the axles, which frees space to fit 850mm wide wheels without restricting the turning angle of the forced-steer axle. The total width does not exceed 3 metres.  The company offers two further versions that give owners an even larger choice of tyre fittings. Further specifications include hydro-tandem suspension, hydro-pneumatic drawbar suspension and heavy-duty rear linkage. Read more
Nominated in the category tillage

Köckerling Allrounder -flatline-

The Köckerling Flatline is a 6-bar light-duty cultivator with four leading wheels and a double STS roller that provide effective depth control. The depth is set hydraulically and steplessly from the cab. A consistent work depth is ensured by the contouring feature. Depths range from very shallow cultivation down to 13cm, with cuts being spaced at 130mm. Options include pointed or duckfoot tines and a leading knife roller and levelling board. Read more
Nominated in the category logistic

Kramer telescopic wheel loader KL55.8T

Kramer is now offering the KL55.8T in the 9-12t capacity range. A telescopic boom and z‑kinematic attachment control give this wheeled loader all the advantages of a telehandler. The new agricultural telescopic wheel loader offers a bucket tipping load of 5,000kg, a stacking payload of 3,900kg and an operating weight of 11,170kg. With the boom fully extended, bucket pivot pin height is 5.4m. Read more
Nominated in the category forage harvesting

Krone Varipack

Launching the VariPack, Krone is introducing a new round baler range. VariPack was specifically designed to bale dry crops using belts to form them. The range comprises two machines, the V 165 XC Plus (0.80-1.65m bales) and the V 190 XC Plus (0.80-1.90m). Operators can set the density and the soft core on the terminal. The machine stands out for its fast ejection of the bale, as the rear door takes less than five seconds to open and close. Read more
Nominated in the category Mid class tractor

Kubota M7003

The Kubota M7003 tractors deliver 130hp, 150hp and 170hp, and these outputs can be boosted by an additional 5-20hp. The Stage V engines have external emission cleaning and DPF and SCR technology, while service intervals for the DPF have been extended to 6,000 hours. The transmission can be a CVT or a powershift unit, the latter boasting the new Xpress restart feature which allows operators to drive the tractor just by operating the brake pedal and stopping it without clutching. Read more
Nominated in the category Haying

Kuhn MergeMaxx

Kuhn has extended its swather range with the addition of the Merge Maxx 760 and 1090 models. Like the 950 series models, these lay the swath to the left, right and in the centre (selectable on the move). The pick-up with cam track and the leading crop press roller ensure uniform swaths.  The 760 model groups 5.50 metres of work into one side swath and 7.50 metres into a central swath. The top 1090 model gathers 11 metres of work into a central swath and more than 8.80 metres into a side swath. Read more
Nominated in the category forage harvesting

Kuhn VB 7100

Kuhn claims that its new VB 7100 round baler presses 30 tonnes of straw into as much as 140kg/m3 bales per hour. The technology behind this is i-Dense, an intelligent density control system that relies on a double tensioner. A moisture sensor ensures the pressure is automatically adjusted to the current crop quality. The belt type baler uses four belts and three rollers to bale 1.65m bales (VB 7160) or 1.85m bales (VB 7190). The rear door ejects the bale in only four seconds. Read more
Nominated in the category tillage

Kverneland 6300 S Variomat

The new 6300 S Variomat reversible plough from Kverneland offers AeroProfil legs and an 80cm underbeam clearance, which is claimed to improve the flow of soil through the machine in high-residue or overgrowth conditions or in organic fertilising schemes. The plough also features the evolved mechanical overload protection that was first introduced on the 2500 i-plough. Operators can adjust the right and left working depth separately from a central control. Manure and maize skimmers and straw deflectors are optional extras. Read more
Nominated in the category sowing and planting

Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

The Kverneland e-drill maxi plus cultivator drill offers hopper volumes of up to 2,100 litres. Partitions inside the hopper allow users to split the hopper into two 60:40 or 70:30 chambers or to use the full capacity for one product. The products in the partitioned hopper will then be drilled via two separate metering systems, allowing users to drill either two different types of seeds or seeds and granules or seeds and slug pellets, for example. Read more
Nominated in the category tillage

Lemken Koralin

Lemken have launched its Koralin topsoil cultivator for ultra-shallow stubble and break crop incorporation. The machine combats weed in tall crops and in fields with straw-covered surfaces using two rows of discs that work vertically ahead of horizontally working tines. The discs cut into the soil and organic material in line with the following duckfoot shares, easing their penetration and reducing wear. Read more
Nominated in the category plant protection

Lemken Orion

Orion is Lemken’s latest sprayer series with 24-39m aluminium booms. The trailed sprayers are available with a 4,000, 5,000 or 6,000-litre spray tank and a 620-litre clean water tank. The 55-litre inductor hopper has a spray-free wall flushing system. The suction and rinsing ports for a Closed Transfer System (CTS) are options. Buyers can choose either mechanical or pneumatic axle suspension and also opt for Ackermann steering for perfect tracking. Isobus compatibility is standard specification, and the sprayer connects to the documentation system and the field management file. Read more
Nominated in the category Compact tractor

Lindner Lintrac 130

Lindner has introduced a new addition to its infinitely variable tractor line-up. Powered by a 136hp Stage V Perkins Synchro engine with 3.6-litre displacement and 550Nm torque, the Lintrac 130 is the highest-horsepower tractor from the Austrian manufacturer. It is also the CVT successor to the Geotrac 4 series, the attachments of which are equally suited for use on the 130. The stepless TMT11-ZF gearbox was evolved: this offers standard standstill control and the High Traction mode for increased drawbar power of up to 78kN. The rear linkage hefts more than 5 tonnes. Options for the Lintrac 130 include four-wheel steering, suspended front axle and 50km/h. Read more
Nominated in the category logistic

Manitou MLT 420-60 H

The MLT 420-60 H from Manitou is a compact telescopic materials handler for agriculture. Measuring 1.49m by 1.97m, the handler offers four-wheel steering. Four-wheel drive and the rear splash guard are useful in rough terrain, and the auto-reversible fan and the pre-cleaner protect the machine from ingress of dust. The cab is identical with that of the MLT 625 and offers good operator comfort. The 57hp machine hefts 2 tonnes to a 4.35m height and has all necessary hydraulic lines to attach an implement. Read more
Nominated in the category Mid class tractor

Massey Ferguson MF 6700 S

The 6700 S series is the next generation of the Massey Ferguson tractor range, comprising five new 135-180hp models with Stage V engines. In terms of output and torque, they combine the benefits of comparable 6-cylinder tractors with the compact and light-weight design of 4-cylinder models. The transmission is either the infinitely variably Dyna-VT or the new Semi-Powershift Dyna-6 Super Eco. The Datatronic 5 terminal with touch screen offers tractor and implement control as well as all precision farming features. Read more
Nominated in the category Combine

New Holland CX 8

As New Holland upgrades its CX7 and CX8 combine ranges, they offer an optional threshing drum with offset rasp bars. This drum threshes small grains and can also be configured to harvest maize. New controls allow operators to control the rotary separator, alter the sieve settings and change the chopper settings to chopping or swathing from the cab. Another novel feature is that the new double-disc chaff spreader distrubutes the material across the entire header width.  
Nominated in the category Compact tractor

New Holland T5 Dynamic Command ™

New Holland has expanded its T5 series tractor range by adding Dynamic Command models with eight-speed double-clutch transmissions (24/24). The powershuttle has a separate forward/reverse clutch for controlled shuttling also on steep slopes. The groups are selected fully automatically. The responsive gearbox and its StartStop function eliminate clutching in loader work at low ground speeds. Read more
Nominated in the category High horsepower tractor

New Holland T8 Genesis

New Holland is introducing the T8 Genesis tractor series with integral precision farming platform, which brings new opportunities for machine functionality and fleet management. The cab has a new four-post frame for optimum visibility. In 2020, the range will see the addition of a new 400hp tractor with full powershift transmission. The new 21/5 powershift transmission is available only for the wheeled or SmartTrax versions of the T8.435 Ultra Command flagship. Read more
Nominated in the category Haying

Ploeger CM4240

Ploeger launches the first self-propelled swather. Not only is the CM 4240 an SP machine, but it also uses swathing belt technology from Austrian developer Reiter. Each of the two units swathes 5 metres of work to the right or left or, working in combination, the two lay an 80-150cm central swath. The material is gathered by a 33cm camless pick-up with trailing tines. A second pick-up then places the material on the swathing belt which feeds it to the middle or to the side. The self-propelled swather has a 260hp engine and hydrostatic four-wheel drive. Also, all components are driven hydraulically. Maximum work speed is 25km/h. Read more
Nominated in the category Haying

Pöttinger AlphaMotion Pro

The new Pöttinger Pro range lines up the disc mowers Novacat 261, 301 and 351 Alpha Motion Pro as well as the drum mowers Eurocat 311 Alpha Motion Pro and Alpha Motion Plus Pro. The disc mowers operate without conditioner but with swathing boards or with the ED tine conditioner or the RCB roller conditioner. The Plus versions of the drum mowers have the ED tine conditioner. The special feature of the Alpha Motion headstock is that the entire frame is contouring.
Nominated in the category plant protection

Rauch Aero with MultiRate Control

The Rauch MultiRate metering system for pneumatic fertiliser spreaders is able to control 30 individual sections. In addition, it controls the rate for each individual 1-1.2m section. This is helpful when using application maps, when spraying in curves or along field borders or in wedges and when aiming for biotope protection. The company claims that the technology not only saves up to 23% of fertiliser but also increases yields. Read more
Nominated in the category Row crop harvesting

Ropa Tiger 6S

Ropa has expanded its range of self-propelled sugar beet harvesters with the addition of the Tiger 6S. This scores high marks for its new generation of on-board computers that implement telematics, predictive analytics, online diagnosis and semi-autonomous harvesting, using two 12.1" operator terminals which automatically show the camera feeds that are currently required. The cameras come as standard. The hydraulic R-Soil Protect running gear with self-levelling system and active roll stabilisation has evolved to incorporate a 3D gyroscope which measures the rate of acceleration for a more precise tilt control. Read more
Nominated in the category Forage harvester

Rostselmash RSM F 2650

The RSM F 2650 is the new top model from Russian manufacturer Rostselmash. Finished in red and white livery, the forager panels house mainly German technology, specifically the 611hp transmission from MTU and the hydraulic system from HSG. The spring-suspended and sealed Comfort Cab II has two seats, enhanced noise damping and climate control. The Adviser II information system offers a touch screen, monitoring functions and speech alarm, thus allowing operators to enter many settings from the cab. Read more
Nominated in the category mechanical plant protection

Steketee Maishacke

Steketee has introduced a mechanism that adjusts the hoeing tools relative to the height of the crop. Version A has a crank that adjusts the knife holder. Version B offers an electric motor. This allows operators to adjust the tools from a mobile device and check the hoe settings from outside the tractor cab. Version C adjusts the tools to the crop automatically on the move by using live feeds from the IC Light camera system. Read more
Nominated in the category Compact tractor

Steyr Expert CVT

The Expert CVT is the addition to Steyr’s 100-130hp tractors with CVT technology. The engine is a Stage V, HI-eSCR2 unit, the hydraulic pump is CCLS, and the front axle and cab are suspended as an option. New cab details include the panoramic roof, the optional Multicontroller II armrest and gauges on the A-post. Read more
Nominated in the category forage harvesting

Strautmann Magnon CFS

The Magnon CFS series from Strautmann is a line-up of self-loading forage wagons with cutting rotors and capacities of 42, 46 and 52m³. The novel Flex-Load pick-up has six rows of plastic tines arranged in chevron formation. The pick-up is powered hydraulically and adjusted infinitely variably. Other new features are the ExactCut cutting system with 48 knives and a hydraulically pivoting headboard that expands the load capacity by 5m3. Read more
Nominated in the category mechanical plant protection

Treffler TS2420

The well-proven precision tine harrow from Treffler is now available as a trailed implement with work widths of more than 24 metres. Each of the tine fields is controlled separately. The tine pressure is adjusted from 200g to 5,000g either hydraulically or electronically. An automatic depth control maintains a uniform depth across the entire working width. The pressure can be reduced to zero when harrowing headlands or corners to avoid repeated cultivation and crop damage. An automatic lift-out mechanism ensures simple and error-free operation on the headland. Read more
Nominated in the category sowing and planting

Väderstad Tempo V WideLining

The WideLining system on the Väderstad Tempo precision drill allows users to spread slurry in a standing maize crop without adversely affecting the yield potential of the field. Setting of the tramlines is accomplished by hydraulically shifting four row units to the side. To do that, the row spacings are reduced from 750mm to 600m. The maximum tramline width is 1,050mm. To set the tramlines relative to the work width of the slurry spreader, the machine computes the field size and sets up the rows automatically. This way it is possible to set up the tramlines in maize without altering the crop spacing within the rows while maintaining the seed rate. Read more

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